© 2016 by MANNY MELOTRA.


Can you recreate a sense of ‘home’, when ‘home’ is being shared by people from various parts of the world wanting to do the same? 



'The Broadway' is an exploration of multiple diaspora communities living together in Southall, West London. 


The Broadway captures themes of migration, alienation, religion, community and austerity. The Broadway takes you into a world full of enigma, as people from various cultural and religious backgrounds find themselves living side-by-side in a space with its own challenges. 


Born and raised in the West London district of Southall, Melotra became fascinated with the lack of integration and cohesion in a community often heralded as the emblem of contemporary British multiculturalism. The lack of visual-documentary work around Southall, coupled with the 2016 EU referendum, inspired Melotra on to document the complex nature of diaspora existence through his photography work.

This series was exhibited at The Old Truman Brewery from the 1st - 4th of February 2018 as a Solo Exhibition and was featured on the British Journal of Photography on 01/02/2018